Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Study Abroad Recipes!

I've been studying abroad in the French Riviera as of January 5th, after little over 6 months of preparing and a lifetime of hoping for this distant ideal. My study abroad experiences in general- photos, assorted trips, musings, photos, environmental observations, and academics- are all on another blog, PagoKrystallos. I'll only be here for four months, but with living in France for even as little as four months, I can make do with all those new experiences. In just the last 24 days, I've gone to Monaco (new country); Nice; a perfume factory in Grasse; Ventimiglia, Italy; and Lyon. I bought some wonderful Italian yarn in Lyon, with which I'm making a headwrap and cowl to keep warm here.  But this one shall remain for all my creative finery!  Now, where was I?  Oh

Here in France I have a LOT more free time than I do back home.  I'm taking a similar amount of credits here as I would back home, but the classes are structured a bit differently, and I wind up with a 4-day weekend.  I also live in an apartment, and have several markets and small grocery stores within a mere 5 minute or less walk of my apartment.  So of course I've been improvising a lot of little dinners and snacks and desserts. All of them are simple to make but yield a complex-looking and clean-tasting result, and all have taken 20 minutes or less to make.  (My one beef with the apartment is no oven, just a toaster oven, but I'll live.)  I've made Italian, Japanese, and of course, French.  No Mexican foods yet except a sausage I bought that turned out to be chorizo, but I'll probably start cooking Mexican when I get homesick.  The only thing I really want from home is my little serranos, but no chile is sold here but picantes. Oh, and tortillas.  I ate my first sunny-side up egg without tortilla my first week here.  It was...a bewildering 5 minutes from serving myself until I ate it, during which I was just trying to decide how to eat it!

So the food I've made here that I plan to start posting up in proper recipes or as cooking inspirations on this blog:
  • French toast with peach walnut syrup (from peach wine)
  • mini flaky artisan pizza with gouda, brie, caramellized onion, bell pepper, and mushroom.
  • a croque madame (just google this one if it's not familiar, you WON'T be sorry) 
  • pasta with merguez sausage, bell pepper, olive oil, peach wine, and herbs
  • chicken and caramellized onion roasted in peach wine, served over sticky rice
  • Japanese-inspired sweet omelette
  • crêpe with roasted pear and caramellized onions
Au revoir!~

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