Thursday, July 19, 2018

World Watercolor Month 2018 Week 2 (July 9-15)

Continuing World Watercolour Month from my Week 1 post.  This is a little blog showing my progress per piece and inspiration - basically a more expanded version of what I've been posting over on Instagram.  Yeah, this is late, I know.  I had a beach day on Saturday so I had no scanner for my work and really, no inclination to take a break from a wonderful day.  I'm keeping this up for mostly personal reasons anyway, so I figured it could wait..

In all cases, clicking the image of the finished painting will take you to the full-size posting on deviantart.

July 9: Spontaneous Painting
Spontaneous painting, after watching a lot of The Mind of Watercolor videos in which he talks about or discusses the approach.  I just dipped crumpled tissue paper in yellows and greens and blotted them on my little watercolour block, let them dry, and added some blue for shadows.  Once it began to take shape I retroactively found a reference by going through my phone until I found a picture of a clump of trees by my work parking lot that had similar-looking shadows and highlights, and went for that.  Not thrilled with it because I just could not get good shadows vs. highlights, which is probably partially due to the paper.  It's that Michael's watercolour paper that's incredibly cheap but workable, so it can't take more than three layers, maybe four if you use a light hand,  But hey.  Another learning experience!  And I learned not to touch the lake too much and let the paint do its thing.

July 10: Ravens in the Fading Light - "light and luminous"
Had some time before work, but no ideas for today's piece.  Looked at the prompt, saw "light & luminous" and immediately knew I wanted birds silhouetted against a daybreak or sunset.  Et voila.

I may even do this one later on cotton paper!

July 11: "beautiful blooms"
Experimenting with salt textures.  Did the wash of blue, yellow, and pink and overlaid salt on it.  Loved the result and went to look at old pictures I'd taken, found a lot of water and trees from Vancouver and Melaque, and frankensteined the best parts together.  I think I did well!

July 12:
Got some new Chinese brush styles, and decided to practice.  My scanner eats all yellows, so I promise this piece is not this hideous, and those things actually do look like bean stalks in real life.

July 13: 
This one was difficult.  I saw the prompt was "Fast and loose", and that is a painting style with results I've long admired.  I wanted to tackle it, but wasn't sure how.  I decided a dancer or shaman would be perfect.  Here, I was trying to do a perspective piece, viewing the girl from slightly above so her body receded from the viewer, but I would up failing and that's why her head and shoulders look so large and wide compared to the rest of her body.  But I did get the painting style, I think.  I actually did the sketch and inking the lineart with a brush on Wednesday the 11th so I would be ready to quickly crank this out tonight.

I think I at least nailed the painting part, and got a decent swamp background.  Neverending stoooooryyyyyy...

July 14: Plein air and beach day!
I went to Maine Saturday morning to meet up with my boyfriend and meet his mom and his brother.  We started the day with breakfast and sat in the outdoor seating area of a restaurant.  I loved the view, so of course I had to paint it.  I used painting methods I've seen Teoh Yi Chie use in his youtube videos, because I love the vibrant results he gets from mixing paints on the paper instead of the palette.  I absolutely love how it turned out!  I have other sketches from this day - 3 total, all plein air, all my first true and complete plein air (i.e., completely done in-field instead of sketched there and worked on later) - and I love the result of all of them!

July 15: Tiny Monsters - on the beach!
I saw a picture of a coconut palm with a mound of coconuts below it, and the arrangement of the coconuts looked like there could be critters hiding in it. But instead of imagining creepy crawlies, my mind envisioned cute little fuzzballs with glowing red eyes and demon horns. Something more huggable than scary. I overdid paint concentration in the background and overpowered the whole thing, but I do like the concept, so I hope to do this properly soon.

So that's week 2 of world watercolour month.  I'm still posting these day by day as I go on my Instagram profile, if you want to check that out!

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