Friday, March 25, 2016

Infestation MKAL- Live and Running!
Pattern page linked by clicking on photo, or here.
 That MKAL (mystery knit along) I blogged about in a past post, the one designed to use a single skein of Knitting in France yarn in DK weight, is finally up and running!  Clue 1 launched at midnight, and the pattern will remain at the discounted price of $1.00 (in USD) for the rest of today.  MKAL sign-ups, on Ravelry, will continue through the weekend, then close.  This will determine prize eligibility, as well as discounts and freebies I typically reserve for past MKALers.  Sign-ups will, not completion of the object.  Although an FO will give bonus points!  What the prize will be is probably guessable, but I am yet holding out on specifics.
She actually sent me two skeins of yarn.  I used the one on the right for this design, and the teal one on the left is having a hat designed on it.  I LOVED using this yarn- see the pattern page for details.
Again, this is an advanced lace cowl, with lace motifs inspired by the springtime heralds of calla lilies and thistles.  It is both fully charted and fully written, and although I would not recommend it to a beginning lace knitter, I believe that an intermediate lace knitter would find it doable, if tricky on the first lace repeat.  But Clue 2 is a breeze after you pick up the increase style, and while you do have to pay attention, an experienced lace knitter could likely get away with watching a sitcom or listening to an audiobook while working on this.  You can work it in the round or flat, with buttons- fully written and fully charted instructions are available for both.  Oh, and did I mention I optimized the clue release format not only with printer optimization in mind, but also with knitCompanion in mind?  I use knitCompanion constantly, so I just went for a format that would work well as I knit it, using the app to track my lace when working the second prototype.  No, I'm not being endorsed by knitCompanion.  I just really like the app.  They're iOS only at this point, but I believe they're rolling out an Android version sometime this year.  They had a call for designs back in January for the app release and everything!

Again, pattern will remain $1.00 through today.  After that it goes up to $3.00, a price more reflective of the work and effort that went into designing and testing it.

Because I will forever associate these two books with "spring." 

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